Unpacking cultural pride

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Data-backed insight into resonating with diverse communities

Over six in 10 AAPI, Black, and Latino listeners say brands should represent the full spectrum of diverse communities in their ads. They want more than attention and representation on holidays and during specific months. Unpacking Cultural Pride is your data-backed guide to understanding diverse audiences and how to reach and resonate with them through audio.

In this guide we:

  • Examine what cultural pride looks like for diverse communities
  • Dig into areas where specific communities over index
  • Touch on best practices for connecting with multicultural communities
  • Reveal digital audio opportunities for reaching AAPI, Black, and Latino listeners as well as multicultural LGBTQ+ communities

Advertisers: Rethink your approach

We recently conducted a Cultural Pride Soundboard study to learn more about what cultural pride looks like for AAPI, Black, Latino, and multicultural LGBTQ+ audiences and how they want brands to honor, support, and represent them.

Get to know Fluency

Our Mission: Deepen connections between brands, people, and their communities. Fluency is our cultural insights practice developed to help advertisers connect with diverse audiences across our growing portfolio of audio content. Our cultural experts are plugged into the undercurrents of culture to fuel your cultural strategy from ideation to execution.

Powered by our data

Soundboard is one of SiriusXM Media’s longest-running research panels. We survey over 90,000 Pandora listeners on a rolling basis, providing in-depth listener insights that you can’t get anywhere else. This particular Soundboard study was fielded in May 2023 and highlights our multicultural listeners’ experiences with their ethnic/racial identity and cultural moments, audio’s close connection to culture and identity, and perceptions of brand involvement and cultural fluency.


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